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10 Ways To Make Your Tournament More Fun This Year - And Generate More Money!



The purpose of a Charity Golf Tournament is to generate revenue for your charity or cause, while throwing a fun event for the attendees.  Everybody who throws a golf tournament is looking for ways to make it more fun and increase the amount of money raised.  Here is a list of 10 things that can help you accomplish that. 

1. Have A Long Drive Guy Put On An Exibition On The Driving Range Or On One Of The Holes.

This is one of our favorite additions to a Golf Tournament.  Everyone has either heard of or seen the long drive competitions they have on ESPN or other networks.  Those guys and girls can hit it further than most of us will ever dream of.  What they can do with a golf ball is even more impressive in person. 

Charity Golf International, who is one of our partners, has a collection of current and former long drive competitors across the country that can come to your tournament and help you raise extra money.  It is both fun for the golfers playing in your tournament to see these long drives up close and personal and it is great to have them raise more money at your tournament!

2. Offer A Prize For Getting A Hole In One

We all know that getting a Hole in One is a rare feat but imagine getting one AND winning a prize for it.  Offering a prize for getting a hole in one on a Par 3 at your tournament is a way to make things more interesting for the golfers playing in the event.  It is rare, but if it happens, it is something all the golfers in the event will never forget. 

If you have ever seen an event with a Car as the prize for a Hole in One, that tournament purchased Hole in One insurance to secure that prize.  We have a great partner, Ace Hole In One, that offers low-cost Hole in One insurance if you do decide you want to give away a big prize this year.

3. Putting Contest

Putting contests are a great way to generate extra revenue for your tournament and another way to add a little more fun.  A typical putting contest would be set up on the practice putting green.  You would sell entries to the putting contest for whatever amount you would like, but $10-20 seems to be the sweet spot in most tournaments.  Out of all the people who participate in the putting contest, whoever is closest to the hole or those who make it will go on to putt the longer final putt for the main prize.  This putting contest can also be insured for a bigger prize and Ace Hole In One can provide the insurance for a low cost. 

4. Have Something Instructional

Every golfer out there is either trying to get better or has tried in the past.  We all want to shoot better scores and are looking for tips and tricks.  At your next tournament, it may be smart to have something instructional before your tournament on the driving range for anybody who wants to attend.  You could have the pro at the golf course hold a short 30 min clinic for anybody who is interested.

Another idea is to set up something on a hole.  Dialed in Golf Solutions is one of our partners that adds value to your golf tournament by setting up on one of the golf holes at your tournament.  They will then provide on-course video, swing and ball flight analysis that will be sent to the golfers via email (and can even have sponsor logos on these emails).  It is a good way for Sponsors to get their name out even more!

5. Have Games On The Holes

Having some games on the holes at your tournaemnt can be a fun way to add to your event this year.  You do not want to have too many contests or events on the course though, because it will make for a longer day if you do.  However, a few games can enhance your tournament and even generate more revenue. 

·        Hit it on the green to win a raffle ticket for a prize

·        Chip it in a bucket to win a prize

·        Longest Marshmallow drive – whoever can hit the Marshmallow the longest wins! (it’s not easy)

·        Beat the Pro – if you beat the pro, you win some prize.  Maybe more raffle tickets.

·        Pay the pro to hit your shot – pay the pro to hit your tee shot

·        Speed hole – fastest team to hole out wins

·        And there are many more options…

6. Raffle Prizes

One of the most popular events at a typical golf tournament is the raffle at the end.  Most tournaments sell raffle tickets before the event, whether online through our site or at the event itself.  The better the prizes you can secure from either your sponsors or from other donors, the more people will want to participate in raffle.  It is always a way to make more money and it is fun for the golfers to hear their ticket called for whatever prize they have won!

7. Silent Auction

Having a silent auction at your next tournament is a good way to increase revenue for your tournaemnt.  There are a few ways to get the items for the silent auction, such as getting items donated from your sposors or donors or you can have a company who specalizes in this come out and furnish all the items that will be up for sale.  This method will save you time and effort as they do all the work, and you get any profits over the specified price of each item. 

8. Mulligans

Mulligans are a staple at many golf tournaments, as they generate revenue without the organizer of the tournament having to do much work.  In most cases, you will just sell tickets that act as mulligans to your golfers, then your golfers will get one free rehit wherever they choose to.  Typically, mulligans cost around $10 and many tournaments do 3 for $20, but whatever price you think you tournament participants will pay is up to you. 

9. Pay To Tee Off 100 Yards From The Hole On A Par 5

This is becoming a popular option at many tournaments as everybody wants to eagle a par 5.  What you do is you specify a certain par 5 to be the hole where if every member of the group pays $20 (or whatever price you choose), the whole group gets to go tee off 100 yards away from the hole in the fairway.  This contest gets the competitive groups to participate because they will likely need to do it in order to win first place. 

10. Have A Few Drink Stations On Holes

Setting up drink stations on a few holes is a great way to get everybody to loosen up and have a good time.  Let’s face it, golf is hard, and this helps calm down the nerves!  If any of your sponsors are local restaurants or bars, they can set up on a hole and offer some of their food and some alcoholic drinks.  This is a good way for them to network with people from the community and get their name out there and you get to have another addition to your tournament.  Also, after a few drinks, the golfers at the end of the tournament may be more willing to spend money on the silent auction!

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Your platform saved me countless hours and frustration while running our golf tournament.

Thank you to the team! Your platform saved me countless hours and frustration while running our golf tournament. The site was easy to navigate and when I had questions, the customer support was fantastic!

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The cloud based tools they offer for registration cater directly to what golf tournament organizers need.

TournEvents was a terrific addition to our golf tournament this year. They were great to work with and were very quick to respond to our needs. The cloud based tools they offer for registration cater directly to what golf tournament organizers need in order to simplify an otherwise burdensome process.

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