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Pro-Duffers, USA
2016 National Tournament and Convention
Thu, Sep 29,16 through Sun, Oct 2,16

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Through these pages you will be able to register for the 2016 National Meeting, pay your golf and registrations fees as well as information to book your hotel accommodations. 
Please note that the applicable Registration Fee must be paid when you submit the Event Registration Request. The Registration Fee must be paid no later than July 15, 2016.
This years Meeting will take place at the Renaissance Resort & Spa in Birmingham, Alabama from Thursday September 29 through Sunday October 2. We will be playing at the Oxmoor Valley Golf Course Ross Bridge Golf Course for the three days. You will have the option however, of playing the much more challenging Ross Bridges Golf Course on Thursday, if you choose.  
These are all Robert Trent Jones Trail golf courses and have tremendous changes in elevation. The Ross Bridge Course is particularly demanding physically because of the distances on some holes from cart path to green. There will be a limited number of players on the Ross Bridge Course on Thursday afternoon as you complete the on-line registration select the Thursday golf course you would like to play. Priority will be first come first to play on this course. Notifications will be forthcoming as the Ross Bridge course limit is reached. The overflow will play the Oxmoor Valley Course on all three days with a package price decrease of approximately $76.00. Planned non-golfer activities will be scheduled for Thursday afternoon and during the day on Friday. Those charges are included in the non-golfer registration fee.
*********IMPORTANT INFORMATION***************** 
Please complete and submit the on-line event registration. You and the Orlando chapter will receive an email confirmation. Give the Orlando chapter time to confirm the registration to see your name scroll. Once confirmed by the Orlando your name will scroll as unassigned. When your registration fee is paid and confirmed your name will be assigned under your chapter heading. Your registration is complete.  You must also make contact with the Renaissance Resort and Spa to make hotel reservation directly. (205) 949-3058. Tell them that you are making a reservation for the Pro-Duffers USA Meeting. All reservations must accompanied by a "First Night" room deposit or guaranteed with a major credit card. Rooms reserved from Tuesday thru Sunday will receive the $149 per night plus tax cost under the plan.  

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Golf Course

Ross Bridge

Address: 2107 Treymore dr
Orlando , FL 32825
Phone: 4073762230


Thu September 29, 2016

1:00 PM Ross Bridge/Seniors at Oxmoor Valley

Fri September 30, 2016

8:00 AM Oxmoor Valley

Sat October 1, 2016

8:00 AM Oxmoor Valley

Event Players

150 Players Confirmed
Group Atlanta
Willie Billingslea
Sammie Daniel
Karon Graves
Cass Hatcher
James Jackson
Clifford Johnson
Phil Johnson
T Wayne Kauffman
Howard Kennedy
Wilbur Leaphart
Robert Manley
Alfred McWilliams
Lloyd Myers
Moses Norman
Daniel Pruitt
Gerald Render
James Sanford
George Trammell
Walter Walker
Charles Watkins
Spencer Wiles
Gerald Williams
Theodore Wilson
Group Charlotte
Terry Armstrong
Vincent Brooks
Ray Nathan
Group Columbia
Valentino Pinckney
Group Dallas
Thomas Cofer
Lorenzo Dixon
Marlon Henderson
B Don Hill
Larry Holbert
Welby J. Ina
Warren Lee
Dan A. Mask
Eddie Mayberry
Malthus Northcutt
Shadrach Sias
Thomas Sweeney
Jerry Woodard
Group Del Val
Gregory Barksdale
James Congleton
Brian Cureton
Wayne L Harris
Joe Jett
John Jones lll
Arnold Young
Group Greenville
Cassie Pennington
John W. Sullivan
Group Guest
Juno Bible
Gerri Holbert
Gregory Hughey
Wilmer McWilliams
James Moorer
Geraldine Nathan
Reginald Thomas
Helen Walker
Cora Williams
Vanena Wilmot
Barbara J Wood
Group Houston
Michael Bell
Art DuBose
Michael Evans
Jeff Hopkins
Ralph Kelley
Joseph Paul
Ronald Weston
Group Little Rock
Reggie Bolden
Jodie T. Carter
William Cochran
Lee Jeffrey
Napoleon Phillips
Paul Williams
Group Memphis
Wendell Berry
Cecil Brown
Larry Colbert
Willie Dunlap
Steven Harris
Abdullah Hasan
Ezekeil Hudson
LeRoy Johnson
John Payne
Clyde Saunders
Donald Smith
William Terrell Jr
Charlie Wherry
Richard Carl Whitney
Group NOVA
James Gallon
Gregory Green
Terrie Johnson
James Matthews
Paul Patton
Charlie Pelham
Alcindor Rosier
Victor Thornton
Ted Williams
Group Orlando
Alton D Allen
Robert Biggers
Mike Briggs
Mike Chatman
Michael Epps
Renzy Hanshaw
A.J. John
Dupree Johnson
Milton Jordan
Richard Newman
Ellis Reynolds
Alpheus Santucci
Clarence Scott
Bill Smith
W. L. Smith
Chuck Stradford
James Sykes
Kevin Wiltz
Group Raleigh-Durham
Richard Washington
Group South Fla
Errol Hankin
Mark Leath
Elmer Mosley
Robert Osborne
Kenneth Tapp
Elliott Williams
Group Southern Michigan
Lawrence Green
Group Washington DC
Peter Clark
Robert Dibble
Marvin Gunn
William Hall
Ira Hobbs
william (rick) hyde jr
Arthur Hymons
Leon Hymons
Alvin Lambert
Cal LaRoche
William Lightfoot
John Macklin
Jim Martin
Ken Rogers
Clyde Rowe
Michael Spencer
Clifton West
David Wilmot
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